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French Electro Music

According to wikipedia, France has a wide variety of indigenous folk music and styles played by immigrants from Africa, Latin America and Asia. France has produced some of the most famous French musicians in all the world, including both past and present. In the classical field, France has produced a number of legendary composers; such great classical musicians and composers are Ravel, Saint-Saƫns, Debussy and others all hail from France. However these days the modern pop music has seen the rise of popular French hip hop, techno/funk, zouk, and pop performers. Some of these modern greats includes the Gipsy Kings and Daft Punk. According to Jeanne Grunert; France contributes much to the cultural scene, especially with regards to music. She said that French writers, artists and musicians in France are held in high esteem and that throughout the ages, the French patronage of the arts provided support for composers, singers, and musicians. She also mentioned that; France's love for easy-listening music encouraged greats such as Yves Montand and the Gispy Kings.

Some of todays most popular French musicians include groups such as the Gipsy Kings and Daft Punk. According to wikipedia The Gypsy Kings are responsible for bringing the sounds of progressive pop-oriented flamenco to the world. The band consisted of two brothers Nicolas and Andre Reyes who are the sons of renowned flamenco artist Jose Reyes and they teamed up with their cousins Jacques, Maurice, and Tonino Baliardo. Their music which is a unique blend of flamenco and rumba music combined with the best dance rhythms gained them worldwide fame.

Daft Punk on the otherhand is an electronic music duo consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. They have become very popular in the late 1990s house movement in France and has continued being successful in the following years. The duo is known to producing songs that were considered essential in the French house scene. In 2001, they released the Discovery album which was very successful, driven by the club singles "One More Time", "Digital Love" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".

Daft Punk "one more time"

Want to know more about Daft Punk?

I would highly recommend checking out Wikipedia as they have written a detailed history of this ever popular group. Ofcourse there Daft Funk's Official Website, so go ahead dance and enjoy their music.

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